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A lot of work has been put into the development of the Amusement Park Madness Widget. Here is some general information about our project.

Version 1.0 Release Notes

First public release

Full RSS viewer for the Amusement Park Madness blog

Ability to change the length of the articles displayed

What to expect in future releases

We're working hard on the Amusement Park Madness widget, but some things will have to wait, to ensure that everything is developed to the highest standards. Look forward to seeing these in automatic updates:

New user interface

Ability to respond to posts from widget

Ability to change number of articles shown

Contact information

Please feel free to contact us for questions, comments, and suggestions at the blog.

Legal information

Amusement Park Madness is not affiliated with any companies, products, or trademarks listed on this site. All rights reserved.

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