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Amusement Park Madness Widget

So, you're a true roller coaster enthusiast, but you just don't have time to get online and head over to the Amusement Park Madness blog every time you need information. Well, we've solved that problem once and for all with the new Amusement Park Madness widget. Now, you can get the most current news and information about roller coasters and amusement parks right on your Mac Dashboard.

Recent News

Version 1.0 Released
~February 21, 2009~

Today the first version of the Amusement Park Madness widget was released. This build features a compact user interface, full RSS browser linked directly to the Amusement Park Madness blog, the ability to change the size of the articles displayed, and much more. You can now get the most up-to-date information on amusement parks and roller coasters, without ever using your web browser!

To get the widget for free, please see downloads.

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